Sunday, August 23, 2009

Operation: Re-Roll Hunter

Wow...what an eventful 48 hours. It was so much stuff in that first day alone, I was almost too exhausted to even blog. Luckily for another browsers, there are many sites that did a great job blogging about Blizzcon and the announcement (of the year) Cataclysm. So what am I going to do? The same thing I always do, plot my next insane "Operation" as I call them.

If you're like me, coming Cataclysm, you're re-rolling a new race. Maybe you're like me and are switching from your Orc or Night Elf Hunter and trying out a Goblin, Worgen, Human, or Undead Hunter. Now, while we do have some time before the expansion even comes, there's lots you can do now to prepare for a smoother leveling experience in Cataclysm to get your new Hunter caught up and into those new Heroics to prepare you for the showdown with Deathwing.

So, I'm going to share my insane plan over the next few days with you guys so that way, perhaps you'll get some new ideas too or even decide to share your new ideas on it.

Now, I'm not doing this so I can get some Feat of Strength or something. Not at all. In fact, I like taking my time leveling. This is mainly to ensure a smooth leveling experience regardless of your actual "speed of leveling".


palladiamorsdeus said...

Leveling isn't really difficult biggest problem is that I get bored after an hour or so of leveling lower levels. *Laughs* If I sit down and really focus, I can hit twenty four in two to three days. I just....can't play like that anymore though. Kind of sad.

Rikaku said...

You and me both, about the leveling bit. When I focus, I can level faster than I actually intend to. It's not so much I like to speed level, I prefer to "smooth level" AKA have things in advance (like mail armor before I hit 40 or gold for mounts) before I hit a particular level XD

Usually my problem is when I hit lvl 40. 40-50 is the "death zone" for me.

palladiamorsdeus said...

Speak not of that devil zone of levels! The problem is, you have to fly ALL OVER THE FORSAKEN PLACE. You can not level from 40-50 on just one continent, at least the alliance can't. Well, unless you abuse instances. I have about five characters just stuck in the fourties right now, and now desire to play them. Once you get to fifty it's fine, it seems like you fly up to fifty eight, but until then....just....ugh.

And I agree. I like to try to have my mail or plate ready before I level, though I have to tell you that plate is a total whack job to get before then. It's there, there are plenty of level 40 plate items.....but most of them suck, and won't really surpass your mail at the time. It's just....ugh, annoying.