Thursday, August 27, 2009

Operation Re-Roll: All That Glitters is Gold

If there's one thing that WoW has taught us, it's time is money. Thankfully, unlike real life, WoW tosses gold at you out of every orifice. Dailies, Professions, Quests, even vendoring greys at level 80 are almost an assured 1-3 gold profit. However, if you're like me, then you make gold just about as fast as you spend it. Despite all the dailies I've done and all those quests for achievements, I am usually in the 2k range of gold. 2k doesn't buy you too much in Wrath and it's safe to assume that in Cataclysm prices will be drastically more. So what's a re-roller to do?

Save your money from you.

So here's a tip from the first hint of re-rolling for your future cataclysm Hunter (or other classes, but I'm just gonna cover Hunter). Everyday you can generally make money without trying. 400g a day isn't that hard to accomplish given just the bare minimum of dailies (and that's not counting what you vendor!) and let me share a little math with you.

Hey don't worry! I suck at math too, so I promise it's easy! ;)

Let's say that MMO-champion and other sites are right and Cataclysm releases in the Spring. Let's say March. That's 7 months from now. Now, since I never did memorize which month has 30 days and which has 31 days in the year, lets go with the 28 day (4 week) minimum. That's 196 days of saving up you can do! Now let's say you only want to save up 250g a day til Cataclysm comes out just for your re-rolled Hunter.

That's 49,000 gold you will have just for that re-rolled Hunter.

250g a day for 49k g?! That's insane, but it's also genius. Keep in mind when you re-roll, you'll need to pay for mount training all over again. Just training to epic flying alone costs a total of 5,844g (not counting the Cold Weather flying!). So by saving up now, you will have over 43k gold you can spend on your fresh new re-roll! Who doesn't like to roll around in style, right?

So start saving now! Even if you save 100g a day, that's 19k you'll have by that same date. Still a nice chunk of change to set to the side.

Quick List:
Total Mount Training Fee*: 6,844g
Total Mount Costs: 161g

Again, these are just rough numbers to show how much gold adds up if you set aside even a small amount everyday.

*Counting Cold Weather Flying at 1000g


Anonymous said...

B-b-but Rikaku! I wanna spend my gold!

Rikaku said...

Me too Palla, me too.... *tries not to spend gold on shiny alt paladin and shaman* X_x

Anonymous said...

Exactly, I am so bad for that. "OH, that'd be perfect for my little class!" or "I really need a mount..." Or in my mages case "MUST GET EXPLODING SHEEP!"

Anonymous said...

Where'd you go, Riki?

Anonymous said...

I'd contact you in a different way if I could, but since I can't, I'll poke you here. Where are you? The Arcania isn't as fun without you around.

Rikaku said...

OMG haha been so busy ;) I posted whats up in Mania; i miss the lively conversations there xD

But no worries! I am back. Just had to get some stuff in order first. I thought I had set up my e-mail account on here, but apparently its not showing. I'll try to figure out someway to do that.